A Map to Mornings

We all know mornings can be chaotic for parents and kids alike during those first few weeks of the new school year. Packing lunches, and making sure teeth are brushed, gym clothes are ready and permission slips are filled out make for hectic mornings! Keep these tips in mind to help you stay sane while you adjust to a new routine.

To save valuable time, take a few minutes the night before to help plan your morning. Help your kids choose outfits for the following day and gather all supplies. Teach your kids to put their bags and essentials in one spot so they don’t forget anything when they’re ready to go. This is an easy way for you to organize anything you need for the next day, as well! Kids learn by example, so grab your essentials and put them in the same central location as your kids’ supplies.

Start Good Habits

As soon as your kids get up, have them make their bed. When they are old enough, hold them accountable to themselves by having them set their own alarms!

Why Make Habits and Routines?
Creating a routine is hard when children are young. Kids have short attention spans and tend to want to do their own thing. Instilling routines and good habits, like washing their hands after going to the bathroom, helps teach them self-control, which will set them up for success later in life. Children typically develop habits by age nine, so the earlier you start, the more likely they will keep doing them for years to come.

Get Dressed

It’s common to want to change out of pajamas right away, but delay this step! Wait until after the kids have had a chance to spill breakfast or smear toothpaste onto their pajamas to avoid having to change again. 

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to pay attention to the weather; you don’t want your child stepping outdoors on a wintry day wearing shorts!

Tame “Bed Head”

Divert their attention by turning on cartoons while brushing their hair.

Food Fuel

Begin each day with a tasty breakfast. Need some ideas? Click HERE.

Brush Teeth

Younger kids often put up a fight when it comes to brushing their teeth. Turn this “chore” into a fun activity by playing their favorite song or making up a fairy-tale character who brushes the bad guys away. 

Quick Tip: If you’re a family that likes to watch TV in the morning, take advantage of a commercial break to get that brushing done!

Grab Your Backpack and Lunch Box

It’s a good idea to do a final check before you head out the door. Make sure your kids have their homework, gym clothes, lunch, and anything else they might need for the day. 

Now, it’s time for school! Enjoy a nice walk together, or say your goodbyes as you drop the kids off or they head out to the bus stop.