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All Hands on Deck

By Kayla Gahagan Images Kevin Eilbeck Photography Nana out on the paddleboard For the Martin/Aschwege family, it’s not a stretch. Andneither is Nana swimming, or Nana hiking, or even Nana working out alongside the grandkids at a CrossFit Gym. “Nana” – or Sharon Martin – is 62 and believes there’s something powerful about modeling a

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Time for a tech tune-up

Are you glued to your phone? Are your kids? Screens aren’t going anywhere, so we need to learn to live with them in a healthy way. A local counselor helps us figure out how.  By Stephen Simpson Kids today are on the move — to say the least. Activities, school projects, work and time with

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Online Exclusive: How to make your homemade yogurt into Greek homemade yogurt

Although it’s not necessary, straining your homemade yogurt will result in a thicker, creamier texture. It also results in a concentrated protein. This thicker yogurt goes by many different names around the world, but the name that we’re probably most familiar with is Greek yogurt. Directions: Line a large colander or strainer with coffee filters

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2024 Camp Run Down

If there’s one thing that parents in the Black Hills have when it comes to choosing camps for their kids, it’s choices. The Black Hills are home to an abundance of summer camp experiences. Check out our handy directory to see all the different camp options around us. Day Camps Black Hills Boy Scoutsof America

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