Be SMART with Goals


Guide your child to be more specific with their goal.

example goal: I want to be better at school.
questions to ask: Which subject? What grade?


This is how children will be able to know they have reached their goal. Whether it is an award, a project or skill – the measurable steps are what they are wishing to achieve with their goal.


Rather than a huge goal of being an astronaut when they are six years old, maybe start with introductions to science. When goals are out of reach, they oftentimes get abandoned and add unnecessary stress.


Your child’s goals should mean something to them. This is what makes them fun! Together, have a conversation about what they want to accomplish.


If we don’t set a timeline to accomplish our goals, it may never happen! Consider other obligations and interests, then set a realistic timeframe with your child.


Find Your Drive

More and more specialty camps – camps focused around a certain skill or field – are popping up in the Black Hills! Why is this exciting for you and your family? It gives children the opportunity to be exposed to different programs they may not have thought of through their studies. Who knows? They may even find a field they’re passionate about!

Find a camp that fits your child. Beyond age, time, and price – look at the curriculum the program is following and the topics being covered. Are dinosaurs the hot topic in your house? Try fossil camps! How about science? sports? crafting? computers? Yep! Throughout the Black Hills Communities, you’ll be able to find them all!



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