EGM Staff Biking to School

Black Hills Bike Rodeo Experience

It’s true that any deviation from a normal routine can be exciting and fun for children—but it’s equally as true for adults. The crew from Black Hills Family saddled up and escorted the children of Creative Director John Edwards to school. It was a blast for everyone.

Some of us met at John’s house in the morning and were privy to the planning stages—helmets strapped on, musical instruments and lunches placed in the car, a scraped toe analyzed—and we were off. The kids led the way down the coasting hill, and then we met the rest of our group and headed east along Canyon Lake. There was a family of geese to view, dogs to pet, and lots of kids and parents to dodge. Everyone was on the way to Meadowbrook.

We rode and laughed and joked and, like a ragtag gaggle, arrived at the school. Bikes everywhere. Kids everywhere. Parents everywhere. And smiling teachers and principal. Our photographer stayed on to check out the rodeo…while the rest of us pedaled back to work.
It was a grand way to start a day!


“I forgot how much fun bike rides are with a group of people! Usually when I ride bike I am by myself and I have headphones in. This time around I was totally in the moment and it was really a good time! Listening to the nature, laughing &  just enjoying good company!”
– Meghan Rose, Production Coordinator

“I enjoyed being able to see how much fun the kids (and adults) were having.  The bike rally not only educated kids on bike safety, it allowed them to have fun while participating in physical activity. I was amazed at all of the bikes that were lined up along the school!  It was also neat to see local businesses getting involved as well.”
– Christie Noyes, Account Manager


Photos by Jesse Brown Nelson