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Brian Mueller | Coach of Excellence

Brian Mueller is the definition of a coach of excellence — from his passion of the sport and eagerness to see athletes learn, to his dedication to his team and the positive example he sets.

“Brian is an exceptional coach who takes a genuine interest in each player,” explains Shon Anderson, a parent to one of Brian’s athletes. “He coaches them in a manner that best suits their personality while ensuring they have fun and learn the game.”

Danie Koskan – another team parent – agrees. “Whether it’s an easy win, a disappointing loss, or an awesome comeback, Coach Mueller finds a way to use what just happened to speak into his players’ lives.”

Brian grew up in a small Iowa town playing a variety of sports, but his love of baseball stayed with him throughout the years. He helped a friend coach a team, and now 21 years later, Brian is still mentoring and teaching kids important skills that go beyond little league.

Youth sports are a small, but important, chapter in kids’ lives, and Brian sees it as his window of opportunity to make a difference.

“I realize that our kids are only young and involved in these types of activities for a short time in their life,” explains Brian, “so it is extremely important to be there and be supportive and volunteer in areas where you may have the time, skills, and ability to make a positive difference for them and others on their teams.”

The Blaze team in the  Canyon Lake Little League division has seen some huge successes in their past season. They worked hard as a team and came together to see wins, but Brian is more impressed by their attitude along the way.

“I am proud of their skill level, but I am most proud of their effort and how they supported their teammates at the end of the season in our victories and our defeats.”

Brian enjoys being a volunteer coach – being available to help his kids, and other peoples’ children – when they may not have the time or skills to do it themselves — making him a true coach of excellence.


By Jenna Carda

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