DIY: Cardboard Cactus

Callee Ackland is a zero-waste activist, public speaker, and business owner of Bestowed Essentials and Hippie Haven. Growing up on the west coast in Oregon and California, Callee had a progressive upbringing which inspired her passion for an eco-friendly life.

In her own store, all decor is created from upcycled material. One favorite is a cardboard cactus! You can easily tackle this craft with your kindergartners and young kids. Grab some old cardboard, scissors and paint and simply follow the steps.

Cut out the main body and branches of the cactus.

Paint each piece green on both sides, and use a black marker to create little quills here and there.

Attach the arms. To attach the branches to the body, simply make a slit at the bottom. It should then easily slide onto the cactus.

Find it a pot. An old coffee tin, soup can, or even a milk jug can work well. You can decorate the pot however you would like.

Plant it. Use old cardboard, magazine clippings, or newspaper to create your own soil. Shred half of the upcycled materials and place it in the bottom of your pot; then, stick your cactus in the middle and cover to the top of the can with the remaining material. 

Tutorial by Sarah Richards