Eye Doctor

Eye strain – who’s at risk?

imagesDigital eye strain is a common eye condition which most people brush aside. While it may not usually be a cause of concern, you should still pay attention to it, as it may be indicative of an underlying eye condition.

Overuse of PCs, hand-held video games, smartphones and e-readers are the most common culprits for eye strain in children, and a parent detecting this condition in them can prove to be a challenge; kids tend to be too absorbed in the digital device and end up ignoring their vision problem.

Symptoms of eye strain that your child may exhibit:

•    Complaints about having tired, sore, or irritated eyes
•  Discomfort •   Blurry or double vision
•    Watery or dry eyes
•    Sensitivity to light or photophobia

What is the best treatment for Eye Strain in Children?

The answer is easy! Good old-fashioned play. Eyes are not meant to look at computer screens all day long; get them outside to play.

Make sure to monitor your kids’ computer and video game times and remind them to take short eye breaks every hour to avoid experiencing strain on their eyes.

It’s important that a child has the best vision possible. This starts with an examination by an eye doctor, not just a school screening. Children should have their first eye exam at six months, again at three years, before starting kindergarten and every year after that.