Family physicians are ready to care for your entire family

When looking for primary care for their children, many parents overlook family physicians as an option, however we are trained to care for every member of the entire family. This includes kids! We provide primary care for all patients, in every stage of life. Our clinics routinely perform well-child visits to ensure that children are ready to go for summer activities and the school year — including any and all recommended vaccines and screenings. 

Family physicians are also trained to treat any medical issues that may arise for you and your children. If your child requires specialty service, we can certainly refer your family to the right specialist. We also have access to consult with general pediatricians as needed. 

Many people don’t know that family physicians receive education and training in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, neurology and psychology, surgery and community medicine. We are ready and able to help your entire family with chronic and acute conditions, and should any family member require specialized care, we can help coordinate that care with the right specialists. 

In my practice, I have worked in areas where children are only seen by pediatricians. Here in the Black Hills many parents believe that only a pediatrician can provide proper medical care for kids. Of course, there are many excellent pediatricians available — and one might be the right choice for your family — but most family physicians not only have the training and experience to treat children, they love having them as patients.

At this time of year, many parents are preparing to take their children for sports physicals and vaccinations. Your family physician can handle these needs for your kids. Remember, we’re called family physicians because we want to provide care for your entire family, including the youngest members. In many instances, this also includes prenatal OB care. If you have a family physician that you trust and would like them to provide primary care to your children, speak with them about it and see if that’s the right choice for you. 

For those of us physicians at the Monument Health Custer Clinic, we like to keep things local and we like to build relationships with our patients and their families. We love to see children for their medical care, whether that’s for routine well-child checks, physicals for summer sports and camps, vaccinations or any other medical needs. What’s great about a family physician is that as your family grows and changes, your doctor is there to help. Whatever your family needs, we’re here for you.  

Dr. Jaron Miner, D.O, is a Family Medicine Physician who practices at Monument Health’s Custer Hospital. He strives to provide the best treatment for each individual using evidence-based and up-to-date recommendations for particular treatments.
To make an appointment with Dr. Miner, call (605) 673-9400