Gail Eckert

Gail Eckert, LPN

Internal Medicine at Rapid City Medical Center

Gail Eckert began her nursing career in 1965 and has recently retired from nursing. Since graduating from LPN school, Gail started her first job with an OB/GYN specialist, working first hand with her physician, assisting in the clinic as well as in the delivery room. After 26 years of obstetrics and eight years with a cardiovascular surgeon, Gail spent the next 16 years working in Internal Medicine at Rapid City Medical Center, the same clinic that had hired her at the beginning 50 years ago.

With her can-do attitude and her passion for getting patients the prompt treatment they needed, Gail has left a mark on countless lives of people in and throughout the Black Hills area.

“She was known as “Granma Gail” to my children,” explained Dr. Kevin Weiland, “and I could not have practiced medicine in this community without her.”

From taking in pets of residents that had been hospitalized for long periods of time to taking care of Dr. Weiland’s children at the office while they were sick, Gail has demonstrated exceptional nursing time and time again. But, if you ask, she will tell you, “I just love the people.”
As for her favorite part of nursing, Gail’s time in labor and delivery has followed her. The babies she had the opportunity to help deliver are now patients she works with. “I was there when they were born,” said Gail, “and now I get to see how they have grown up and have become prosperous men and women.”

Nursing has been a part of Gail’s life for many years. Now, she is home with her husband of 50 years working in the garden. And, although she is no longer working with doctors, her dedication to the field has left a legacy and has been appreciated.

“Gail’s skill, passion and experience has allowed me to be more than just a physician,” said Dr. Weiland, “but a husband and a father to my family, as well.”


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Written by Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy