How to Help Spread Positivity

As our families settle into the new school year, it’s a great time to teach our kids — and remind ourselves as parents — the power of helping those around us. Studies show that doing something nice for someone else helps build confidence, reduces stress, and promotes positive behavior in kids and teens. 

A great way to help your kids spread positivity is to embark on mini missions as a family. Giving kids small assignments for their day helps them get back into the swing of social interaction, and it’s a great way for parents to connect with them after school.

Here are a few mini mission ideas to get you started:

  • Send a note of gratitude to a friend or family member
  • Pay a stranger a compliment
  • Hold open the door for someone
  • Return shopping carts at the grocery store
  • Hand out sticky notes with positive messages written on them
  • Make thank you cards for local police officers, firefighters, or other public servants
  • Pick up litter at the park or while on a walk in your neighborhood
  • Set an alarm on your phone to stop and say positive affirmations to yourself

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