photo by Emily Costopoulous

Fall Family Photos: Tips From the Pros

Fall colors are a favorite of many families in the Black Hills. It’s an easy to love the gorgeous colors sprinkled throughout the ocean of pines. See them on a drive through our state parks, local highways and even on the way to work! Take advantage of the scenic place we call home and plan to get the perfect fall family photos. Here are a few tips from local boutiques and photographers to prep for the picture perfect, well, picture!


a large Black Hills family posing for fall family photos
photo by Emily Costopoulous

“Think about the right now. The moments, the laughs, the jokes, the stories that fill your day right now. That funny facial expression your kiddo makes every time you read her favorite story, that ball cap your kiddos refuses to take off because it’s good luck, the warmth that comes over you when you see your little one learning how to play rock, paper, scissors. Think of what defines your family right now – and tell your photographer about it. Make a plan with him or her on how to capture it. Maybe that means an in-home session, or it means bringing a blanket and a stack of books to read together. Professional photos are special because they take a screenshot of the right now. In order to truly encapsulate this moment, you need to think about what you want to remember about this very minute in time — and THEN communicate that with your photographer!”

Emily Costopoulos, owner of Emily Costopoulos Photo and Design

fall family photo of a Black Hills family
photo by Lasting Memories Studio

When you’re prepping for your fall family photos, get online and look at portraits in the fall and find color schemes you like. Then, try and put together your own outfits to go along with that color scheme. Photography is visual, so it really helps to see visual outfits put together.

Also, have FUN! Don’t stress over getting that perfect shot. If you have a good photographer that can get posed shots, as well as fun candid shots, and go with flow of your family (so to speak) those “perfect” photos will happen — they just might look different than what you thought they would.

Amber Heredia, owner of Lasting Memories Studio

When deciding what clothes your baby and kids will wear, shop at stores that have color coordinating collections. You can then purchase clothes for each of them from one store and know the color, design and style of their clothes will coordinate. At Kicks and Giggles, you will find Tea Collection boys and girls clothing in sizes up to 6T in the store. For sizes up to 12 we can special order.

Lisa DenHerder, owner at Kicks and Giggles

A multiple generation family posing for fall family pictures with trees and grass in the background
photo by Watson Photography

Speaking as a parent myself, fall family pictures should be enjoyable, and making fun memories should be part of the experience.

Let your photographer know what your looking for as far as style and background, also keeping mind the changing seasons, and then he or she can work with you to create the look you desire more efficiently with outfits, accents, and so forth.

A good rule of thumb for picking out outfits is “less is more.” It doesn’t all have to match, but keeping a consistency of two to three colors that tie the family together really helps. Overall, you want the photos to reflect your family and personality, so as long as everyone is comfortable and happy wearing what they are wearing, the better the photo experience, and the image results will be for everyone. Have fun with your fall family photo session.

Heidi and Mark Watson, owners of Black Hills Reflections – Watson Photography

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