How to Set Up the Greatest Garden Party

Summer months are all about laid-back gatherings, hanging out with friends and family, and relaxing in our favorite places – including the backyard. You don’t have to be elaborate to throw in a great garden party. Here are some tips on how you can keep party planning to a minimum, but impress your guests nonetheless.


Simple Is Beautiful

Use burlap or butcher paper on your table. It’s easy and quick to clean after you’re done with your garden party. Keep the table in neutral colors to make colored plates, silverware, and napkins pop.


Be Bold With Colors

Summers are all about bold and bright colors. Play with color hues and combinations for your summer parties! Arrange the table with pastel green salad plates or cobalt blue main dishes, for example. Give your guest glasses in all shapes and sizes. Be bold and don’t shy away from combining plates and bowls with multiple colors. The point is you should be creating a casual environment that will make your guests relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves.

Candles and Lighting

If you’re having your gathering at night, then candles can really elevate the mood and vibe of your yard. Try using floating tea lights in mason jars for a simple, effective twist on lighting. Or, you can suspend mini lanterns over the tables and string white or colored Christmas lights around the yard. For additional lighting, you can scatter Tiki torches on the outskirts of your party.

To repel the bugs, use a mixture of essential oils such as lavender and lemon eucalyptus instead of harmful chemicals. It will not only keep the insects away but will make the place smelling great.


Flower bouquets

What’s a garden party without fresh flowers? And not just any flowers, we are talking about fresh, homemade flower bouquets. You can also make your own flower arrangements with fresh cut daisies, roses, tulips, etc. Using your own flower arrangements will add the perfect touch of personality and character.


Ice cubes

Jazz up your drinks with splashes of color. Try adding edible flowers to the water before freezing it into cubes. Sure, the idea seems whimsical and wacky, but trust me your guests will love it! Just place one or two rose petals in each cube of an ice cube tray, fill them up with water, and freeze for an at least a couple of hours. If rose petals aren’t your thing, you can use violets, rosemary, or even cucumbers.

Take Care of the Playlist

Curate a playlist for your garden party that will set the tone for the event. You can either play chill background music or songs that your guests can dance to and sing along. Important tip: add plenty of songs on your playlists so it lasts for the entire party. You won’t want to hear the same music over and over.


Keep the drinks cool

Nobody wants to have their drink warm in the summertime. Keep all your boxed, canned and bottled drinks cool by using frozen water balloons. How do you make them you ask? Well, it pretty simple – just fill the balloons with water to about baseball size, put them in a tin bucket, and freeze them.


The more food, the better

Yes, the décor and atmosphere are key players in throwing a successful backyard party, but the food served will keep your guests talking. Barbecue food is perfect for summer parties, but it doesn’t hurt to have the good ol’ burgers and hotdogs, too. Play with unique dipping sauces and spices for a fun twist to classic favorites.


Preparing to host a garden party might sound overwhelming, but we don’t want you to get stressed. After all, we already mentioned that it will be easy. If you think you’re worried that you can’t pull this off by yourself, ask your closest friends and family if they’re willing to lend you a hand.


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