Kara Schroeder

Mrs. Kara Schroeder

First Grade at Corral Drive Elementary School, Rapid City


“Mrs. Schroeder is not only one of the best teachers I have ever met,” said Jennifer Tomac, a parent to one of Kara’s students, “she is sincere and authentic, energetic and passionate.”

It all started in the sixth grade when Kara Schroeder (Shray-der) was a part of a Book Buddies program with first graders. “We read books with two kids and they read to us,” explained Kara. Looking forward to Book Buddies all week long, her grandma had suggested she become a teacher when she grew up. “Her words were golden,” said Kara. “In a movie, music would have played.”

Now, 30 years later, writers, readers, and scientists fill her very own classroom.

Kara makes learning fun and exciting by hands-on work, while still giving children individual attention they need throughout the day. But it’s not just the students’ lives she is moving – the parents she works with are experiencing the love Kara has for her career, as well.

“She goes above and beyond the call of duty sending weekly emails to parents ‘From the Land of First Grade’,” said Jamie Boomsma, one of Kara’s student’s mom. In the message she will include the things her students are learning, the funny things that have happened throughout the week, and everything she believes parents will enjoy hearing.

“I have saved every email – that’s how special they are!” said Tura Synhorst, another parent of a student in Mrs. Schroeder’s classroom.

The passion for teaching and love for her students doesn’t stop with emails to their parents. For Christmas, Kara created multi-page scrapbooks complete with photos and personalized messages for all 25 of her students. “I was in awe,” said Tura, “and my seven-year-old daughter absolutely loved her gift!”

Not only was the gift a heartfelt expression of her kindness and caring for each student, but Kara also made sure each student saved the gift to be opened with their families on Christmas Day.

There is excitement in every corner of Kara’s classroom, and with her kindness, energy, and passion for what she does every day – she is leaving wonderful memories in her student’s hearts.

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By Jenna Carda
Photo by Legacy