Kid-friendly Charcuterie Board

Like Hey Dudes and flared jeans, charcuterie boards are having a moment right now. With their elegant charm and ostensible opulence, nothing says snacking with style quite like a charcuterie board. 

But what’s the secret to creating a board with an Insta-worthy wow factor? It’s really quite simple. It’s all about  filling the board — no empty space allowed. Think Thanksgiving cornucopia. We want the board to be practically spilling over with goodness. 

Now, let’s take it a step further. Let’s make it for the kids. The secret to a great kid-friendly charcuterie board is this: fill it with things you know they like. They don’t want quince jelly and stilton on their boards (you probably don’t either). Fill it with popcorn and baby carrots and salty little black olives that they can slide on their fingers. 

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is some guidelines on creating a charcuterie board that the whole family will devour. 

A great foundation

Every great charcuterie board starts with, well, a great board. You’ve got something in your house that will work — trust me. A big cutting board, a platter, even your biggest cookie sheet would work. Remember, we’re going to be filling it with food, so whatever your board is will magically vanish into the background.

Things that go in bowls 

There are things that will go on your charcuterie board that will need a container. This would include anything super rolly (blueberries, some olives, spherical candies) and anything that’s in the dip family (ranch, hummus, quince jelly). Place these things in bowls and strategically space them on your boards. 

You’re so cheesy

A really easy way to get your cheese ready is to buy it pre-sliced. But if you didn’t, slice the cheese into slices or chunks and lay them on the board. A really fun cheese that the kids will get a kick out of (not to mention it makes a great quesadilla) is Oaxaca cheese. Most grocery stores stock this nowadays. This is a Mexican cheese that is essentially one giant string cheese twisted into a ball. It’s so much fun, and it’s a unique snack that the kids will be sure to enjoy. 

Nice to meat you 

Pepperonis, salami, ham, turkey — whatever everyone likes, fan them out next to your cheese. Bonus points for rolling lunch meats up like little flowers. 

Where fashion sits

Whatever your family’s favorite crackers are, lay them out on the board. Alternatively, whatever sort of crackers you happen to have in the pantry, lay them out on the board. 

Fruits and veggies

Apple slices, orange slices, pineapple chunks, baby carrots, celery sticks, peas and anything else your family loves to munch on. Tuck whatever produce you’re using where you can. Your board’s starting to look pretty nice, doesn’t it?


Are there any gaps left on your board? It’s time to raid the pantry and fill those in. Use things like Goldfish crackers, pretzels, Teddy Grahams or cereal. Whatever you’ve got.