Tooth Fairy Graphic

Playing the Tooth Fairy

Losing a tooth is a magical experience for kids, because it means they’ll get a visit from the tooth fairy! They’ll go to bed full of anticipation and then your job begins. Make the tooth fairy a full experience by leaving a note from the tooth fairy. Use a colored marker, glitter, stickers, and colored paper. Write to them saying they need to continue practicing their dental hygiene, but disguise your handwriting—kids are craftier than you’d think!

Instead of leaving the tooth under their pillow, have them decorate a tupperware container with glitter, paint, and stickers. Put the tooth in the container and set it beside their bed. This makes it easier for the fairy, so you don’t have to root around under the kid’s pillow looking for a tiny tooth.

“My wife was out of town, and I forgot to do my tooth fairy duties. In the morning, my daughter was in tears. So I asked her: ‘Was it windy last night? Fairies can’t fly in the wind.’ The next night, I made sure to leave a note from the tooth fairy apologizing for not making it last night because of the wind,” said Black Hills Family Creative Director and clever Tooth Fairy John Edwards

Top 3 Tooth Fairy Tips:

  • Younger kids may not understand the value of money. Get them excited about the tooth fairy by leaving candy or small toys instead of coins!
  • If they wake up while you’re doing your fairy duties, think fast and respond with something like “Is everything ok? I thought I heard you up.” Think on your feet so your little one won’t get suspicious.
  • Don’t start tooth fairy business right after they are put to bed. They’ll be excited and want to see the tooth fairy, so falling asleep might take a while. Wait a few hours to make sure they won’t wake up.