family portrait

Prepare Yourself for Pictures

Being photogenic comes naturally to some people, but if you are not one of them, there are a few things you can do to improve the way you look in photos.

Find the Best Smile

Learn to smile naturally by practicing in front of the mirror; this will help you find a smile that is most flattering for you. Pretend that you saw something funny or were just told a joke. Respond with soft laughter and without wrinkling your eyes to create a natural smile. Avoid saying “cheese”. This can lead to forced-looking smiles.

Smile using your top row of teeth while resting your tongue behind your teeth, it may feel unnatural, but a smile with both rows of teeth can look fake. Use a slightly-open or closed-mouth smile to take attention away from your mouth if you are self-conscious about your teeth.

Finally, smile through your eyes, not just your mouth. It looks strange when someone has an enthusiastic smile, but their eyes look bored.

Find the Perfect Angle

Look slightly above the camera to help open your eyes and brighten your face. Remember, whatever is closest to the camera will look the biggest. Tilt or shift your body so the camera will focus on and emphasis your best features.

Place one foot in front of the other, and stand at a slight angle to avoid being squared up to the camera. Pulling your arms slightly away from your body also helps create a more flattering position.

Focus on good posture. Standing up straight and tall will make you appear confident, and will lengthen your body for a slimmer appearance.

Use these hints to help put yourself at ease about your upcoming photo session. there is no harm in practicing your smile and pose; it will help increase your confidence. So relax, and smile.