Standout Coaches Wanted

Coaches of Excellence 2017

When talking to a coach, you will hear passion behind every word they are saying, and excitement towards the goals they have to further the success of their athletes. Do you know who we are talking about? They’re the coach that has another full-time job, but hustles to practice every day. On the weekends, they aren’t lounging around or working on the yard. They are out at the games and traveling from town to town.

These youth sport coaches dedicate their time willingly to give children the opportunity to learn the sport they love. Without them, where would your little athlete find the drive, the coordination, or the lessons that come from playing the game?

That’s why Black Hills Family magazine wants to recognize these youth sports coaches that aren’t affiliated with schools in the area. We appreciate the time and positive energy these leaders put into our children. So we need your help parents! Nominate your coach today for the opportunity to have them featured in our Fall 2017 issue.



Thank you for nominating 2017 Coaches of Excellence!

Honorees will be featured in our Fall 2017 issue – stay tuned.