Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Sometimes, the moments just before taking off on a trip – big or small – can feel overwhelmingly hectic. We’ve been there (really, who hasn’t?). To help ease the crazy, here’s a three-part checklist to help you feel at ease about the little things, so you can enjoy the big things. Like making memories and having fun with your family! Know before you go – happy travels from BHP.

Vehicle Inspection
√ Check / Change Oil

√ Clean Car

√ Check Tire Pressure

√ Check Windshield Washer Fluid

√ Inspect  Lights

√ Refill Coolant

√ Check Brake Fluid

√ Check / Replace Wiper Blades


Emergency Kit

√ Blankets

√ First Aid Kit

√ Jumper Cables

√ Tire Jack

√ Spare Tire

√ Flashlight

√ Extra Batteries


In the Car

√ Water Bottles

√ Car Phone Charger

√ Snacks

√ Cash

√ License + Registration

√ Proof of Insurance



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