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Inspiring Our Kids Articles

My mother is a writer. The first time I helped her with a writing project was for a book she published in 1972. I was 10, and my participation (shown in the photo above), involved being a guinea pig. She was testing recipes for Cosmetics in the Kitchen, a book that utilized common ingredients that anyone might have at home. She made me try various batches of creams, lotions, and then more creams and lotions. For several months, everyone in my family had very soft skin. By the time I was 12, my assistant job changed to editor. I had… Read More >>

Full STEAM Ahead Articles,Education

Full “STEAM” Ahead Helping Kids to Succeed at School For years, education experts and legislators have tussled with defining best practices for teaching our students. Still, we’re left with this foundational question: “What does my child need to know to succeed?” With the newest education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we’re closer to an answer. You might have heard of STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—which in recent years has formed the basis of standardized testing. Our country’s focus on STEM originated from a sense of “competition” with students in other countries who were excelling in these areas. The… Read More >>

Try This: Colorful Feeders Fun Times,Memories & Milestones

Nesting with Color Spring is the time for new life—which is especially visible as birds begin to sing and dance throughout our yards. Try something colorful this spring, and make a “string feeder.” Fill a traditional wire bird feeder, or a decorative twig ball, with short pieces of colorful yarn. Birds will use the string when they build their nests, and you can watch for your bright pieces to show up around the neighborhood! Read More >>

How To: Fairy Gardens Articles,Fun Times,Home,Memories & Milestones

Gardening with Magic Miniature gardens are so much more fun when fairies are involved—and these enchanting locations aren’t that difficult to start, even for a young child. First you will need to decide where the fairies are going to live, whether it be in a pot, a trough, or an old fountain. Then, choose an array of flowers like English Bluebells, African Violets, or chives—some varieties are even specifically labeled “miniature.” You can also add path of rocks, a pond made of a tiny dish, or even a twig fence. Water the plants, add your fairies—or farm animals or anyone… Read More >>

Say the Word: Disability Articles,Child,Family Features,Featured Articles,Health

Say the Word. I am fascinated by disability as a subject—the history of people with disabilities, how disability presents itself, what difference means. I enjoy questioning mainstream ideas of disability and I thoroughly disagree with the idea that disability is something to cure, that people with disabilities are broken bits of flesh that need fixing. Let’s talk about difference.   DISABILITY OR SPECIAL NEEDS? I’ve got to admit that when I joined the “special needs” community—six years ago by way of giving birth to my daughter with Down Syndrome—I was confused with all the “special needs” this and that. As… Read More >>