20 Classic & Vintage Names for Your Baby Girl

Congratulations – you’re having a little girl! One of the first steps in baby planning is to look for a name. It may seem like classic or vintage names are out-of-date in our modern era, but they are making a comeback.

From Hebrew, Greek or Latin derivatives, many classic names share common biblical translations. Consider these 20 names that are both simply beautiful to say and have a beautiful meaning.


Are you a faithful family? Arabella has more than one meaning; it is derived from ‘orabilis’ meaning yielding to prayer as well as beautiful, loving, and graceful. Reminds me of “Miss Congeniality” – she’s beauty and she’s grace.


Greek mythology presents Cassandra as a prophetess in Homer’s The Iliad. You can also use Cassie or Cas in casual conversation if you’re someone who loves a good nickname.


The feminine form of the English name Charles, it means free. If you’re a family who loves a little free-spirit, maybe this is the right name for you. Looking for something more modern? Refer to Charlie as a shortened edgy version in everyday use.


This charming name has been commonly used in German, Scandinavian, and French languages. Most commonly translated as blessed; another meaning is war.


As a Hebrew name, Elizabeth translates as God is my oath. For a different spelling, use an ‘s’ where the ‘z’ should go! Many nicknames can come from Elizabeth as well – Lizzy, Eliza, and Beth are just a few options.


Life is a beautiful gift. Consider this modern twist to a biblical original – Eve.


A Spanish variant, Isabelle shares the same meaning as Elizabeth! Looking for a modern spelling? Isabel or Izabel are unique spellings of this striking name.


Another Latin name meaning pure or clean. Katherine is more of a formal title, but you can use Kat, Kathy, or my favorite, Kit-Kat, as cute alternatives in casual conversation.


Stemming from the floral name Lily, Lilian is a symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty. Any boho parent is sure to love this elegantly classic name. (Personally – this is my favorite!)


Many old-fashioned girl names derive from an equal version of the opposite sex. The Latin masculine name Lucius means light or born at daylight. What a memorable name if you were to deliver in the early morning! There are also many alternative spellings – Luci, Luce, and Lucie.


Another popular name from nature meaning olive tree, this is a perfect name for any boho family.


Start off letting your baby know how special they are to you by naming them after this precious gem or jewel.


Traced back to German, Rose translates as fame. Americans know it as a beautiful flower that is gifted to loved ones. Some alternative formal names are Roselina, Rosalind, and Rosalie.


Introduced in the 17th century, Sophia was the name of the infant daughter of James the first. It was then that the name quickly became a favorite throughout England and has recently risen in popularity once more. In Greek, it means wisdom or skill.


Of French origin, Vivian shares meaning with Eva, life.  Some consider this name to translate into Lady of the Lake as well due to the fame of the enchantress in the legend of Merlin.

Check out these classic and beautiful unisex names. If you are a parent that wants to wait to discover the gender but still have options for names, these are perfect for you. Sometimes the surprise makes it all the more exciting!


If you prefer longer names, use Alexander for a boy and Alexandra or Alexandria for a baby girl! All forms are rooted in the Greek language meaning defender.


Works well for both sexes, but if you prefer to put a small feminine touch on it, add a simple ‘a’ at the end.


You might be skeptical about choosing this particular name for a boy, but it can easily be manipulated to another version such as Frankie or simply Frank. This Latin name may not have a beautiful meaning (Frenchman), but the simple quality makes it something to consider. Not to mention, one of the great Catholic saints possessed this first name!


Depending on the origin, Jessie has several translations. In Scottish, it means wealthy. If intended to take the Hebrew origin, the name means God is gracious. Use Jessica as a formal feminine version.


Theodore or Theodora are beautiful names meaning gift of God. There was a Greek goddess named Theodora, and a great American president named Theodore. If you’re looking for someone to name your son or daughter after, who better than an American hero!?

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