Amazing Kid: Brooke Cadwallader

Brooke Cadwallader

Age 9, Grade 4

After watching her older brother at tae kwon do, four-year-old Brooke decided she wanted to try it out for herself. Now, at age nine, Brooke is a black belt and enjoys helping to instruct newer students to learn and succeed at the sport she loves.

“She has a quiet determination to excel at anything she puts her mind to,” says Brooke’s mom Maria. “With her generous and giving personality, she is always willing to help anyone in need.”

Her classmates’ families agree.

“Brooke really encouraged our kids at their initial lessons,” says John Edwards, a parent of three other students. He explained that although his two girls took to the matt right away and were eager to learn, their youngest son was shy. Brooke would encourage him to come join the class each time, finally becoming successful. “She’s a confident, strong girl with a natural teaching ability,” said John.

“Brooke has a positive flowing energy that fills any room she walks into,” said Maria. “Her contagious smile makes a difference to everyone she encounters.”


Amazing Kid: Brooke Cadwallader

By Jenna Carda