Leaf Coloring Crayon

DIY Fall Craft: Leaf Stencils

Get your family into the spirit of fall with these easy leaf impressions! Have fun with nature before winter (and freezing weather, brrrr) hits.

For this craft you’ll need fall leaves, white printer paper, and warm-colored pencils or crayons.

Go on a walk with your kids and collect several different varieties of fall leaves. Make sure the leaves are not too dry – you won’t want them to crumble when you’re working with them.

After collecting a variety of leaves, put a white piece of paper over them. Take a colored pencil or crayon and scribble over the leaf, making an impression on the paper. Do this with several different leaves and colors until the paper is like an autumn forest!

If it’s too early or late to collect leaves, try a modified version of this craft by printing out leaf stencils from pinterest. Cut out the leafs and put the leaf cutout over a piece of white printer paper. Let the kids scribble over the leaf to make outlines of leaves.

Hang up your kid’s artwork for beautiful homemade fall decorations!

See it here.