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Oh Happy Day

Celebrating moms and dads, as a parenting magazine, is something we love to do, especially in May and June. I have to admit though—I’ve been celebrating a certain new mom and dad since the middle of March! I’ve been inspired, as I watch my daughter and son-in-law with this new family addition.

Being inspired is wonderful. In January our staff had an exciting idea for a feature to coordinate with Mother’s Day. We asked our readers to nominate Inspiring Military Moms whose story exemplified service, character, and bravery. I know you’ll be inspired as you peek into the lives of four local Military Moms starting on page 16.

My daughter inspires me. She gets involved. For example, after her softball playing days were done, she gave back to a group of 12-year-old girls, and they won state. During college she found volunteer opportunities for her Sigma Sigma Sigma sisters and they helped others. After moving home she became a Young Life Leader to several beautiful high school girls, and they love her. She’s now a new mommy, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Along with celebrating moms in May, we celebrate birthdays with 26 theme ideas to help you plan a memorable party for your children. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with great party ideas, so I am sure we will be using this list for years to come!

Happy Mother’s Day, End of School Year, Summer Vacation, Father’s Day, Fourth of July and Birthday all wrapped into one,

Until Next Issue,

Lisa DenHerder, Editor

{Photo by Legacy}