Mom and Kids

Priscilla Borrego

“My wife, she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever been around. With God and faith at her side she can achieve anything she sets out to accomplish. Through her journey she has overcome a lot of obstacles. With each one she comes out stronger, braver, and more determined. There is never quit in her, even when the odds may seem steep she figures out a way. I am so proud of the woman she has become and extremely excited to see what the future has in store for her. I love her to ends of this world and am so blessed to call her my wife.”

Nominated By
Matt Borrego
Relation: Husband

“Priscilla Borrego is one of the single most confident, loyal, inspiring, energetic moms I have ever seen. And on top of all of that she’s a military mom! Priscilla works so hard to take care of her kids, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She’s a wonderful example of what a great mom looks like as she juggles all of the duties of life, works, runs a household and still makes time to simply love on her kids. Priscilla makes her family the most important priority in her life. Her husband and her kids know this and you can see it influences the way they live their life to the fullest!”

Nominated By
Pamela Ramon
Relation: Sister-in-law

“Priscilla is highly intelligent, highly motivated and very hard working. She continued her education and obtained her degrees in Journalism and broadcasting after she was married. She then went on to accumulate a very impressive work record. She continued to pursue her career after the birth of her first child and has continued after the birth of her second child – all while remaining a very good wife and now mother – she is beautiful inside and out. We are all very proud of her and her accomplishments and know she will continue to thrive in her pursuits.”

Nominated By
Betty Carey
Relation: Grandmother

“Priscilla Borrego is the definition of an inspiring, modern Military Mom. Priscilla raises young children, supports her Active Duty spouse, takes care of their home, and has never waived from working toward her dreams and achieving great accomplishments in her career. Just some of the noticeable accomplishments as a Military Mom are: graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Communication/Journalism, volunteering at military spouse functions, and Priscilla is currently an ABC News Reporter for KOTA Territory. Priscilla is an inspiration to military spouses and women everywhere.”

Nominated By
Kristen Reaves
Relation: Friend