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Raise Your Hand for Teachers

Has an amazing teacher made a profound impact on your child’s life? Did they go above and beyond to engage your shy student? Did they help you through paperwork to make sure your child received the resources he needed? Did a teacher encourage your child, opening up opportunities and a bright future?

Every day, educators in schools large and small wake up, go to work, and influence the lives of our children in tremendous ways. Their knowledge, patience, and caring are what often set the course of these student’s future careers and life paths. ‘Thank you’ often isn’t enough.

Black Hills Family’s Raise Your Hand for Teachers is our small, but heartfelt, effort to celebrate the amazing people who do so much for our children every day. If you have had the pleasure of working with an educator that you feel deserves special recognition, nominate them today.

We’re searching for A+ teachers working in grades K-12 who are making an impact in their students’ lives across the Black Hills of South Dakota.


Nominations will be open until December 12, 2016. Finalists will be selected based on number and quality of nominations. Five finalists will be announced in February 2017, along with their bios and personal stories shared by the families who nominated them.