Rhythm Nation

Dance is an all-round way to keep fit and healthy. It helps build stamina, flexibility, and coordination. Among many benefits, it also helps children develop good posture and a positive attitude toward staying fit.
rythmn-nation_webLearning to play a musical instrument, vocal chords included, is a huge enhancement to a student’s academic success. The Neurological Research journal reports that piano students show a better grasp on math and science concepts. As well, other studies indicate a causal link between music and spatial intelligence, the sort of thinking that helps one pack a book-bag with everything needed for the day. No one would argue that benefit!


Confidence and self-esteem can also be built through the many performance opportunities that come with both dance and music lessons. Both are also subjects that require discipline and motivation, key skills in lifelong learning.


Maybe you took these for granted when you were in grade school, but think twice before transferring the same sentiment for the rhythmic arts down to your own little prodigy. You just might strike a positive note.