Snotty Nose

Snotty Nose Kid

Are you constantly running after your child with KleenexTM ? Does your child seem to have a “cold” that never clears? No matter how big or small, we all need the nose to work properly to breathe, smell, humidify the air, and smell. For all that it is responsible for, anytime it is runny with snot, many of these functions are impaired.

If your young toddler and preschool aged child has chronic runny nose daily or most days, and they are playing, eating, running around, going to daycare, and sleeping, then experts suggest it is very likely they do not have a “chronic” illness. However, physicians do advise parents to note and make an appointment if the child has poor appetite, can’t engage in normal play and activities, and/or seems ill for longer than the week we expect it takes for a cold to go away.