Liz Sagaser

Infant Glasses

At First Sight

At First Sight Testing infants’ eyesight—long before they can speak about what they see—can prevent life-long vision problems. Dr. Sarah Kuipers, an optometrist at Independent Optical in Rapid City, is one of several Black Hills-area specialists who participate in a national program called InfantSEE®. The program provides a one-time, no-cost eye and vision assessment for […]

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House of Kai

House of Kai Kaian “Kai” Thompson of Rapid City is an auburn beauty reminiscent of Disney’s Ariel – a modern girl who ditched her mermaid tail in favor of a black-belted Taekwondo gi (uniform), over-the-top theatrical costumes or an original high fashion gown of her own making – all depending on the day. “Makeup and

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Girl Dancing

Bald is Beautiful

Bald is Beautiful Imagine your child being mistreated by peers because she is different in some way beyond your control. Karma Vollmer knows all too well the wounds a bully or even well-meaning adults can inflict on a child. Karma’s daughter Rian (11) is a competitive dancer at On Your Toes School of Dancing –

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