Sourcing fresh and locally grown food

Through years of research and education, Kim and Brandon have learned the importance of fresh ingredients. Using local farmers for meat and a variety of vegetables, and purchasing seafood from a local retailer, ensures the Brave Heart’s clients, guests, and family are getting the best nutritional value in their meals. All of the meats used are 100 percent locally produced in South Dakota.

Developing a palate

Like anything, the more you are exposed to good things, the more likely you are for those things to come natural. It’s the same with food. “People will ask me how we get our kids to eat such sophisticated dishes,” said Kim, “and really – it’s because it’s what we eat and put in front of them.”

“We want our children to respect the food that has been given to them and prepared for them – from its roots to where it is sitting on the table.”

– Brandon Brave Heart

Having patience for the best

Really good things, including food, take time – whether it is cooking bison to perfection or teaching children to learn a new skill. Brandon has this talent down as the family’s guru with meat and teaching the kids.

“He really should be Father of the Year,” laughs Kim. “He is so patient when the kids want to help him with preparing our meals.”

Combining food heritage

Both Kim and Brandon are a part of the Lakota culture, and Kim also has a Jewish background. With their unique blend of heritage, the Brave Hearts make recipes their own using the techniques and ingredients typically found in traditional meals. 

“We make traditional Lakota food with a modern twist. You can taste cultural flavors through the recipes we create,” explained Kim and Brandon.

“I was raised by my dad, and he’s a “throw it in the pot” kind of cook,” said Kim with a smile. “So, I went to my grandmother, and she taught me everything she knew.” 

Some favorites the Brave Heart family enjoy are Wojapi – a delicious berry sauce from a Lakota origin, paella – a traditional Spanish dish made with saffron rice, and customized Thai noodle bowls.



Thank you to Willow General Store for inviting us to picnic in the beautiful backyard garden area in Piedmont, to Timeless Wedding & Event Rentals for making it a gorgeous setting, and to Victoria’s Garden adding the fresh bouquets for the Brave Heart family’s photo shoot.